Philips Sami

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Philips Sami

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For children, regular medication or the use of medical devices is often associated with fears.
Hereby is Sami the Seal helping: Thanks  kids equitable appearance and ease of use, the inhaler little patient facilitates aerosol therapy.
With the nebulizer, the liquid drug enters directly into the airways. Older children use a mouthpiece, enclose it in place with the lips and inhale. For younger children, the face mask Tucker is the turtle, which is simply placed on the mouth and nose. This mask made of soft, flexible material ensures that the air / drug mixture can be optimally inhaled and does not enter the eyes. The application time is shortened by the special SideStreamvernebler technology because of the blast of air is greatly accelerated by the compressor that the drug can be absorbed more quickly.

If you in addition to the instructions need more help for the safe use of this medical product, please contact us by phone. Please report any problems arise under 0800 5250274

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