Philips Everflo

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Philips Everflo

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The oxygen concentrator EverFlo from Philips Respironics is small, compact and ergonomic shaped.
This makes it easy to store and transport and easy to clean.
In addition, the EverFlo is quiet in operation.
The device is one of the most energy-saving oxygen concentrators on the market.
The EverFlo is according to the latest safety requirements.

Please note:
In rooms with oxygen devices smoking is prohibited!
The device must not be placed next to a heat source such as an open flame, a heater or a furnace and exposed to high sunlight!
For safe use please refer to the instructions for use!


  • Built-in handle for easy transport with one or both hands
  • Holder for your humidifier-bottle
  • Storage possibility of replacement hoses directly in the unit
  • Robust metal cannula connection
  • Integrated Flow Meter
  • Operating surface with on / off switch and alarm display

Product Specifications:
  • Flow rate 0.5 to 5 liters per min
  • Oxygen concentration 87-96%
  • Noise level <40 dBA
  • Weight 15 kg
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 580 x 380 x 240 mm
  • SAP (oxygen percentage indicator) oxygen low: 82%
  • Alert oxygen is very low: <70%
  • Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Power consumption <300 W
  • Maintenance Intervals Air Inlet Filter: 2 years
  • Bacterial filter (Micro Disk): as needed
  • Healing. Resource number