Digital pulmonary function test COPD

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Digital pulmonary function test COPD

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The RC COPD test showing the degree of COPD , as well as to the estimated biological lung age and the degree of airway constriction (after GOLD stage I- IV).

The RC - Test COPD :
- Simple, rapid screening for COPD and Emphysema suspicion , it measures the most important lung function parameters to diagnose COPD.
- Automatic display of COPD classification ( stage I- IV ) according to GOLD of 2006.
- Display of the estimated lung age , corresponding to the measured lung function. Automatic test quality control.
- Integrated traffic light system for FEV1. Security Mouthpieces with silicone -backflow valve for multi - patient use.
- Removable , high-quality turbine probe, enabling easy disinfection. Low running costs through commercially available AAA batteries.

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