SoClean® 2

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SoClean® 2

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To aviod infections the PAP accessories (mask, tubing, humidifier should be cleaned daily.
Especially the use of humidifier promotes the growth of bacteria and fungi.
SoClean® 2 is a small, portable cleaning device that requires only a power connection for operation. There are no liquids need to use any special equipment required.

What can SoClean® 2 do?
SoClean® 2 has been developed for cleaning of sleep and respiratory masks, the breathing tube and the humidifier (the water contained incl.).

How does SoClean® 2 work?
SoClean® 2 was to be designed to attached to your therapy device. Your mask, the hose system and the water chamber (if any) are flushed with ozone and viruses and bacteria away to 99.9%.
Depending on the length of the hose system and size of the humidifier, the treatment time can be set between 5-15 minutes.

Scope of delivery:

  • SoClean® 2 Desinfecion Device
  • SoClean® Cartridge ( mounted )
  • SoClean® Check Valve
  • Closure of the Hose Recess
  • Power Supply

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