Philips DreamWear nasal mask

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Philips DreamWear nasal mask

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The innovative, open design, the DreamWear nasal mask has a minimal skin contact, giving you maximum comfort with no unpleasant residue on your skin.

With the DreamWear you can move around freely and always set your preferred sleeping position.
The hose connection is positioned on top of the head, thus you will not prevent you from sleeping.

The open design of the Dream Wear nasal mask leaves free an extremely wide field.
Wear your glasses, reading in bed, watch TV or use your tablet just as you wish before you fall asleep.
You even can give a goodnight kiss your partner.

The mask is almost not recognizable.

• Patients rate the DreamWear nasal mask more comfortable, more stable, easier to use and more attractive than other prescribed masks.
• Unique: the air flow passes within the frame and the hose connector is located on top of the head.
• The material is pleasantly light, soft.

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